NaNoWriMo 2015 a.k.a. the year I’m not participating

What? WHAT? Yes, after much debate (with myself) I’ve decided not to participate in NaNoWriMo this year… Well, not officially anyway. As much as I love how the mad bouts of productivity and sky-high word counts that I magically (robotically?) seem to dole out every November or during other write-a-thon events, I’m trading in my word count for an email that I can send to my CPs/beta readers finally declaring, “Hey, I finished revising my novel. Have at it!” Basically this year I’m taking a page out of Jen Ellision‘s book and participating in my own little National Novel REVISING Month (NaNoReMo).

Whenever I had to write an essay in high school or university, I would write like the wind, but when it came to revising? HAHAHAHAHA. This is honestly Classic Lindsey, and since I don’t have an ~official deadline for my novel, obviously I’ve been taking my sweet time in revising it. I keep procrastinating for whatever reason and ohhhh how tempting it is to start fresh on a new project. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. This year I’m going to finish what I started three years ago. This year I’m going to finish what I put on hold EVERY YEAR because of NaNoWriMo.

In other news, that schedule I made for myself back in late September? I haven’t been sticking to it as strictly as I hoped, but I’M NOT MAD AT ALL. Of course on the week I decided to create that daily schedule, my workplace declared that we could start banking extra hours to allow us extra days off during the holidays. Sometimes I go in early, sometimes I stay late. Strangely enough, my unpredictable work schedule still allows me to follow every item on my daily schedule… EXCEPT THE MORNING WRITING SLOT. I was able to get in about a week’s worth of sessions before I switched to sleeping an extra half hour instead LOL. That’s something I’ll need to work on this month.

Today is November 1st. The plan is to make yet another daily schedule somewhat similar to the NaNo 1667 words per day one. Today, I think (I HOPE) I will go to a Starbucks or something and just focus on getting that done before anything else. Wish me… Strength. Pots of coffee. And candy.


Write-a-thon: Springtime 2014 Edition

It finally feels and looks like Spring outside, so what better way to celebrate that by staying cooped up in my room to write all the words in the world? Despite staying up waaay too late last night watching Orphan Black, I’m up on this fine Saturday morning for another write-a-thon. I’m joined by Jen, Angel, Christa, and Candice.

My current word count for Verona Horse Mermaid (yesss, my main focus right now is my time traveling spies story! More on that later…) is 45 124 words. I’m aiming to hit 50K. We’ll see how it goes. Right now I’ve got a banana, a cheesestring, a cup of green tea, AND an iced coffee. I am ready. LET’S DO THIS.

10:46 AM – *Mario Kart sound effects* GO! 45 124

12:30 PM – I’m not much of a traditional coffee drinker, but it’s like I go insane when that coffee is on ice. Anyway, I’ve got 1000 words secured (yays), so I’ll take a brief moment to update this blog about VHM… which is actually now called ETERNITY CHASERS. 😀 I finally came up with a title… in January, maybe? I’ve still been referring to it as Verona Horse Mermaid because I have attachment issues, but yup it has an official title now!  Also, because it’s about time travel and there’s no way I could keep this limited to one novel-length story, I will most definitely be writing two more novel-length pieces about these characters and the whole dealio. That I’ve always known and have a title for, but I don’t think I ever shared it. Although “Eternity Chasers” does sound like a good ~series title, I’ve always known I wanted to go with THE TIMESHADE CHRONICLES. I really like the word chronicle and I think it’s appropriate since this is about time travel and whatnot. Hooray for titles! *edits tags* Aaand back to writing. 46 174

2:06 PM – So I was just in the midst of writing this somewhat dramatic scene between one of the protagonists and a potential love interest and BOOM, the Star Wars main theme song comes up on my playlist. Talk about a mood killer, ahahaha. 46 973

3:30 PM – I didn’t plan on writing this one important scene today, but it happened. And now my brain is all AHHHH from it. So I think I will take this opportunity to take a break from writing to go for a run. 47 804

9:02 PM – Back from all miscellaneous duties and errands! Aaand since my SPACE channel stream for Orphan Black episodes seems to be lagging, I guess that’s a sign I should resume writing. Just about 2100 more words to today’s goal. 48 001

9:58 PM – One of my favourite types of scenes to write are ones that occur midway and on in the story when characters who don’t know each other are beyond the whole initial first meeting. Like scenes with several individuals interacting and all of their personalities coming through. Just as much as I adore reading about bands of characters being awesome together, I also really enjoy writing about bands of characters interacting whether it’s in a social setting or in a predicament. The scene I just wrote is one of those scenes and I know it’s super lame to say this, but I just really love these characters and am so glad to be back to writing about them, as well as ~discovering who they are. 48 880

11:49 PM – It’s nearly midnight and I just hit 50K! I was actually starting to drift off a little, so thankfully I reached my goal before my brain burnt out for the day. 50 038




It’s been a while since I’ve devoted an entire day (more or less) to writing, and I have to say, I definitely miss it. Damn you, work and RL things. My word count goal for this WiP is about 80K (because I know when I start editing my first draft, I’m going to end up adding stuff. It never fails to happen.), so I’m more than halfway there and ahhhhh so excited about that.

Until next time…

Write-a-thon: NaNoWriMo 2012 Edition, THE SEQUEL

And here we are again. It’s the last Saturday of November and time for another NaNoWriMo write-a-thon. I actually haven’t touched my novel in 5 days. The first reason being that I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and finish the 50K in less than three weeks. I mean, the point is to write a novel in a month, not in three weeks, right? So I decided to leave the story alone for a bit. Sometimes it’s good to do that, which is my second reason. Taking a step back from what I’ve been writing allowed me to just ruminate on it all for a while and let what I’ve written soak in. Now, however, it’s time to get back on this train. Today’s goal, more or less, is to hit 50K. The story is pretty much finished save a few transitions, so today is all about sewing it up into a completed product…

In related news, I think I came up with the title. I’ve been using The Autumn List as a proxy since that’s literally what the story is about – a list and it’s Autumn. While crossing the stupid Confederation bridge last Saturday on my way to Starbucks, I was in a panicked state because I despise walking over bridges, so I just kept chanting to myself, “don’t be scared. don’t be scared. DON’T BE SCARED.” Then I started playing around with the wording of my self-assuring motto and eventually ended up telling myself “fear not the fall.” And then, it hit me. Fear Not The Fall is my perfect title. First of all, HELLO WORDPLAY. Second of all, the slight alliteration (I’m a huuuge fan of alliteration, let this be known). Third, it has more than one meaning and can be interpreted differently for my characters. So yeaaah. It’s still way early in the game, but for now this title is a keeper. Side note: the other title that popped into my mind that was sooo close to replacing the proxy one was The Infinite Fall. I’m still kind of attached to it, but I think I like the other one just a bit more.

Anywho, as is becoming tradition, today I am joined by Jen. Also accompanying us is Christa. ALRIGHT. Enough chatter. Let the writing begin.

10:33 – Smoothie concoction has been poured into my cup and yes, let’s do this. 45 547

11:35 – Transitions are the wooorst. It’s like, JUST TELEPORT INTO THE NEXT HOUR/LOCATION ALREADY. Oh, the trials of writing a contemp. Everything must happen AS HUMANLY AS POSSIBLE. I guess I could always make my characters drug addicts or narcoleptics to explain random skips in time? Hahaha, no… 46 502

12:30 – I’m currently adding to the ~first meeting scene~ of my two main characters and Taylor Swift’s Enchanted just came up on my playlist. Appropriate? VERY MUCH SO <333 Granted, their meeting is not nearly as sappy as what's portrayed in Taylor's song, but still. STILL. 47 544

1:37 – There is this …conversation of sorts that I need to write and this one and another are basically the only remaining ~huge scenes left of the story. And I’ve been avoiding them both for a while. Also, the sun is blazing in my eye and I feel like I can’t write DRAMA when it’s so bright outside. Hmm. 48 020

1:43 – RANDOM FACT TIME: One of my character’s last names is a variation of the last names of one of the members of One Direction. I didn’t realize this until after I’d already chosen and become attached to it. I didn’t choose it because of said member, but I am just amused by this fact. That is all. 48 020

2:53 – Oh my frak, I have less than 1000 words to go and basically, this is the other INTENSE scene. I’m kind of winging this scene because I only brainstormed how it would go down literally thirty seconds ago. I think right now Jen and Christa are also in the midst of writing some very intense, dramatic important scenes for their novels xD. Anyway, (late) lunch time and then back to business. AHHHH. 49 025

5:13 – Friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I HAVE HIT 50K. And now I’m going to go dance. Literally. Like I’m going to go play Just Dance 4 because oh my goshhhhhhhh I DID IT. 50 292

6:08 – Alright. So yes, I did it! AHHH. I can see myself attempting to tweak stuff and whatever, but I’m saving this as it is right now in a file to be stored away as my first NaNoWriMo endeavour. At the end of November, I’m going to do a whole REFLECTION post because oh, there is much to reflect on.

I will end this post with a picture of my face after I finished writing 50K. Actually, it’s a picture me after I played Just Dance 4 which is what I did after finish because I had so much ENERGY. I would like to title this photo: “Here is the face of November.”

PS. Jen has also met her goal for the night (fyeah!) and Christa is still going, but she’s totally killing it… (SHE IS ACTUALLY KILLING OFF HER CHARACTERS)

And I’m now off to a tree lighting shindig, so FARE THEE WELL~

Write-a-thon: NaNoWriMo 2012 Edition

Today is Day 11 of NaNoWriMo. In the almost two weeks that I’ve been writing, I’ve already learnt SO much. More on that on December 1st, however. Anyway, it’s time for another WRITE-A-THON. I’m not sure what time everyone will be around and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to stop for a power nap or something, but basically I’m starting super early today. So let’s see what we’ve got on the menu today~

Today’s project: The Autumn List (still not loving that title, but it’ll have to do for now.)
Current word count: 25 237
Today’s goal: to reach 30 000

I don’t know if my supposed super powers will be making an appearance today. I feel like I’m starting to reach that point in the story where most of the important scenes that need to happen have happened and I just need all of the transitions and ~fill in the blank scenes~ ……That fact pretty much SCARES ME. Oh well, we’ll see what happens…

8:30 – A pot of tea has been made and an extremely medieval breakfast consisting of a piece of bread has been consumed. I don’t think Jen is up yet, but I guess I’ll start…? 25 237

9:30 – Despite a case of morning sniffles, good progress is being made so far. My emotions are all over the place with this one series of scenes I’m working on. I’m not entirely sure at what point in the story this occurs, so I don’t know what these characters should be FEELING. 26 395

9:52 – ALERT. JEN IS AWAKE. YAAAY. 26 489

10:26 – This story is being written in first person, so my protagonist’s name keeps slipping from my mind as I only use it when someone is addressing her. Usually the name of the MC is set in stone for me from the beginning, but I’m actually finding myself a lit “blah” about it. Her name is Veronica and it’s all fine and well, but the guy’s name in this story is Luke and whenever I say their names together it sounds a bit too much like Veronica and Logan, i.e. the OTP from Veronica Mars. And that’s kind of distracting me. Sooo I don’t know. I’m thinking I might change her name since I’m not super attached to it. Just like the tentative title, I’m going to just wait it out. Her name will make itself known when it…makes itself known. 27 040

11:34 – 27 350. And okay, this has nothing to do with writing, but I just wanted to make a note of the fact that it’s Remembrance Day. Even though we shouldn’t limit our thoughts to just this one day of the calendar year, I think it’s important to commemorate and remember all of the sacrifices that were made that allow us to live as freely as we do today.

12:32 – My MCs (still named Veronica and Luke) are in a car and they are lost. Why? BECAUSE I AM LOST. 27 847

1:27 – Holy Procrastination Batman. I’m making steady progress, but I’m also super distracted. I’m not sure what it is but I just can’t seem to focus today. Especially when JENNIFER is sending me youtube links of stuff like this. Anyways, I think I’m also just trying to avoid writing because all of the scenes I planned to write today are DRAMATIC ones. Or they need to be dramatic, at least. In other news, I’ve moved on from listening to really weepy music to A Very Potter Musical. This playlist switch might not prove to be helpful… 28 240

3:02 – GRASPING AT STRAWS. Also, I think the daylight is interfering with the progress of this story. I usually write IN DARKNESS, so the brightness beaming at me through the window is throwing me off. 29 057

4:24 – I am just like a sad loaf of bread right now. Words are happening, but they are SO blah. Much like that sad attempt at a simile. Earlier during one of my bouts of procrastination, I took a webcam photo of myself so that I could remember this day. And now, like Jen, I will share said picture because clearly I have my priorities in order. 29 707 and this is my writing face. NO FANCY SLIPPER HERE.

5:22 – Yaaay, my goal for the day has been reached! Today was a freaking challenge. Never mind all of the random interruptions, but I feel like a lot of what I wrote were broken scenes. A snippet there. A short conversation here. So I think I’m still going to trudge on for the night. Just keep swimming~ 30 020

8:47 – Many sappy songs later, and I think I’m going to cap my pen for the day. I can’t believe I woke up twelve hours ago to do this. I feel like I just ran a mental marathon. I could probably still keep going if I reaaally wanted to, but I also really want to finish reading Fever by Lauren DeStefano, so I’m going to call it a night.

Final word count: 31 258
Words written today: 6021

Also, I think I’ve decided that I’m keeping the name Veronica. The name just clicked with the character today. LIKE MAGIC. Sort of trippy, but it happened. And so, another successful write-a-thon, another new theme song, another step closer to …WORD DOMINATION.

Peace out.

Sunday Write-a-thon

GOOD MORROW, WORLD. I can’t quite recall the last time I was up this early on a Sunday while also properly clothed and functioning. Actually, I’m still in pajamas, but THAT DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is that today I am embarking on a write-a-thon with Jen. It’s nearing the end of the month and we both have works in progress that need a BOOST. So today we shall be writing and liveblogging and hopefully not going too insane from it all.

Today I’m working on my secret agent time traveling spies story. I’m planning on participating in NaNoWriMo in a few days with a completely different project, so I want to get in as many words on this story before November. My current word count is 19344. Since my brain is mush right now, I’ll say that today’s writing goal is 5000 words? I’m not really sure if that’s aiming too high or low, but we’ll see. My other goal is to also come up with another way to refer to this story because secret agent time traveling story is such a mouthful.

Actually. I just took a minute to think about it and I’m hereby going to refer to this story as Verona Horse Mermaid. One day I’ll explain that. Okay, one goal completed! HAHA.


11:07 – START.

11:36 – 552 words. Now to waste ten minutes choosing a playlist. NEWSIES, perhaps?

12:01 – 983 words. Also, I’ve switched my music to One Direction. Naturally.

1:13 – 2419 words. That doesn’t seem right, so either my math is WAY off or I’m totally taking some sort of “start fast, end slow” approach. I don’t know. The passage I’m currently writing takes place in France, but the girl is pretending to be Italian, so I’ve had to look up several random phrases. The previous chapter saw some dramatic showdown in my brain because I typed up a random sentence and realized that if I kept going on that certain train of thought then this one character that’s supposed to be dislikable would become …likeable. No bueno. I guess that just goes to show the POWER of words, hahaha. Alright, I think it’s lunch time. I’m a little hesitant because I know once I leave my room, I’ll get distracted by something in my house. We’ll see what happens.

2:05 – 3019 words. Uhhh, totally didn’t end up eating lunch yet because all I did was sit up from my desk and I already found myself distracted with starting a conversation about IMPORTANT LIFE ISSUES with my dog. So after that clearly one-sided convo, I decided to sit back down and write some more. Lunch time, for realz now. Also I should probably change out of my pajamas now…

3:04 – 3342 words. Whyyyyyyy did I start writing about macarons? Now I want a macaron. In other news, the Game of Thrones theme song came up on my iTunes and for some reason I felt compelled to sit still for the entire 1 minute and 47 seconds it played. And I just read Jen’s latest update about Jake the DIREWOLF, so that makes the fact that this just happened more amusing than it should be. Anyway, listening to that theme song reminded me of THIS which I couldn’t stop listening to yesterday. I’m tempted to listen to it right now, but I know it’ll just distract me.

3:08 – Who am I kidding? I totally listened to it. If a JIGGLYPUFF shows up in this manuscript, you know why.

4:31 – 4413 words. Apparently the last time I did a find + replace was to look up “Voldemort” in this document……… Anyway, I’m quite close to meeting my goal today. I think I might just keep going even until after I hit 5000 because it’s still daylight and I want to just write as much of this story as I can before November hits. (PS. Currently listening to Spring Awakening. I MISS THIS.)

5:13 – 5131 words. HUZZAH. My goal for the day is met. I shall keep going however. I’m sort of experiencing a peach rings sugar high.

5:46 – 5377 words. I did not just make a reference to Jigglypuff in this story. I swear I did not. Yes, I totally did.

6:43 – 6091 words. Breaking for a shower and then dinner.

9:35 – 8031 words. Dang. In Jen’s post when she claimed that I had apparent super powers to shell out 8K a day, I shook my head because in truth, it was 8K over the span of a weekend in which I did not sleep. I guess I am capable of writing that much in a day, however. Granted half of this is probably CRAP, but with a first draft that doesn’t matter. Anyways, I think I’m done for the night and sadly, I don’t know when I’ll return to this story since November is going to be freaking busy… How is the year almost ending?!

And so, yes. First somewhat official write-a-thon is over and Jen and I both met our goals for the day. SUCCESS. ‘Twas much fun and can’t wait to do it again.