current projects

Here is a list of my current works in progress. Titles in bold are active projects.

ETERNITY CHASERS – currently revising first draft | First 5 Chapters | Pinterest Board
Badass spies who work for a time traveling agency.

Here’s the really quick description I came up with for the purpose of having a synopsis on Wattpad:

The year is 2504.

Time travel isn’t a new phenomenon to humanity, but until recently, the ability to do so and the element that allows it had been one strictly controlled by the government. After the outbreak, an agency called the TEMPS (Timeshade Extraction and Mass Prevention Squadron) was created. Their objective? To retrieve those breaking the law and running amuck in and out of time. Time traveling agents Eryn and Pippa are accustomed to being the best of the best in the Switzerland Division, so it’s no surprise when they are chosen to train a new recruit. Arista, however, isn’t just any recruit out of time. She is essential, and there are others who want her in their clutches for their own malevolent plans.

Other Projects in the works~

STARLESS NIGHT – first round of revisions complete | Pinterest Board
A girl makes a wish and it backfires resulting in a time trap.

• FEAR NOT THE FALL – first draft complete | Pinterest Board
Boy + girl + a list + a camera. Not as sketchy as it sounds. There are totally spoilers for LOST in this story.

• THE SPACE ERRAND – (not the actual title) writing first draft | Pinterest Board
You say you want a revolution… in SPACE.

• UNTITLED MADNESS – (not the actual title) writing first draft | Pinterest Board
I can’t even put this into a coherent sentence of summation. It involves a freezing cold climate, a flame forger, handmaidens, and two nations divided by a sea.

• THE NEVERLAND REMEDY – writing first draft | Pinterest Board
An awfully big adventure that takes place long after Wendy visited Peter Pan that involves the next generation of sorts.


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