about me

Hi, I’m Lindsey. I live in the North (okay, I’m Canadian, but the North sounds so much cooler). My favourite movie is Star Wars. My favourite book is probably one you’ve never heard of unless you were once a 12 year old girl who adored psychic dolphins. I have a beagle named Liam and a chorkie named Archie, and I sometimes wonder if they’re secretly Animagi because I’ve caught them acting “human-like” more than once.

I’m a graduate of Victoria College at the University of Toronto with a major in English and a double minor in Book & Media Studies and Music History and Culture. Presently, I’m just living that post-grad life that mainly consists of paying off my student loans whilst freaking out about the future. I’m not completely sure what the future will hold for me (or the rest of the planet, really), but I’m crossing my fingers that it involves one of my favourite things in the world: books. My number one goal in life is to time travel, but this aspiration is closely followed by wanting to be a published author. My love of reading can only be matched by my love of writing. It’s one of those “chicken or egg?” situations; I don’t know which I came to obsess about first, but it doesn’t matter as it’s all relative (just like time and space).

I started this blog in hopes of documenting my journey “down the rabbit hole” into what is hopefully the land of publishing, books, and all of that other awesome stuff… but since then it’s turned into something else. With that said, the rest of this already long description about myself is under construction~~


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