March Fearlessness

Happy New Year! Yup, you’ve read that right because as embarrassing as it is, this is my first post of 2016. I would like to say that my life has been quite eventful since I last blogged, but the word doesn’t entirely seem right. It’s not like a lot has happened-happened, but I definitely feel… like a different person. It’s barely mid-March (beware the Ides, yo) but I already feel like I have learned a lot this year. It’s almost like I’ve truly tapped into who I am? Whoa, that sounded a tad bit deep there, Lindsey. And it’s way too early for that. But seriously, I keep using the phrase “next level” to describe many instances in my day-to-day life, and I really do think I’ve evolved in a way. I’ve also been playing a lot of Pokémon Yellow (fyeah it’s back!) and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, so it could just be that.

Last November, I jokingly told my family that I was going to start a new blog in which I documented my quest to find the best bibimbap in the Greater Toronto Area. This past January, I finally finished watching Gundam Seed and Gurren Lagann, and I realized I have A LOT of thoughts on anime. Yesterday, I realized that I kind of really miss blogging. I think what all of this means is that I just miss writing. Anything. About time traveling spies or addictively great books I’ve read or how I’m still not over Heroes. About certain boy bands that have taken over my life.

This is not the part when I declare my return to blogging–whether it be book blogging or whatever. But mayhaps it is the part when I declare that I do miss it. Where I’m going from here, I’m not entirely sure–but I AM GOING SOMEWHERE. See you soon.


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