5 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Susan Dennard’s Newsletter

As someone who is currently undergoing this insanely mad process of revising the first draft of a novel, I find myself freaking out on a daily basis. Thankfully, we live in a time of THE INTERNET which allows those of us who are fortunate enough access plenty of resources. One of my all-time favourite and automatic go-to sources for when I need a… fix?* Susan Dennard. And so, because I adore making lists, here are 5 reasons why you should sign up for Misfits and Daydreamers.

1. Book news and fun stuff.
Well, first off, if you are a fan of Susan’s writing (hi, me!), then OBVIOUSLY you should be signed up. Not only do you get book news, but you can get really fun stuff like excerpts from yet-to-be-released titles, as well as a first look at never-before-seen content. Let me tell you, I ogled the TRUTHWITCH cover for a good ten minutes on my phone screen when that beautiful little gem appeared in my inbox.

2. Presents!
On top of bonus content, when you sign up you can also get an extra scene from A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY or a guide to writing a query letter from scratch.** It’s basically like receiving a birthday gift when it isn’t even your birthday (unless it happens to be your birthday, which in that case: happy birthday!).

3. Advice of all sorts.
Writer’s Block? Show versus Tell? Criticism getting you down? It’s your lucky day because there’s advice for pretty much everyone. Of course, every writer is different so one person’s advice may not always apply, but help is help! And sometimes a push in the right direction is all you need. Finding out what works for other people can help you realize what does or doesn’t work for YOU. My personal favourite piece of advice from Sooz was on the power of ritual and routine, to making a schedule and sticking to it like a drill sergeant. DOING SO TRULY HELPED ME AND I GOT SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHED, omg.

4. It’s the real deal.
Susan’s newsletter is 99.9% probably the most honest and informative newsletter I’m currently subscribed too–and I am subscribed to several newsletters of authors, lit agents, pub houses, and other book-related areas. She truly provides an insider’s point of view on the publishing process and with her own experiences as an author (pre and post publication). Sometimes (probably more often than naught), the art of writing and the business of publishing is gritty and muddy. Sooz tells it how it is.

5. Encouragement.
As a writer and aspiring author, my personal favourite thing about her newsletter is how encouraging it is. Like I said, she’s brutally honest about the publishing world and the writing process, but not in a Chef Gordon Ramsey way in which you feel like you’re a failure and probably will never amount to anything because your beef wellington is undercooked AGAIN. No way. Susan encourages you to keep writing, keep revising, and keep working. To persevere. And most of all, that it’s okay to feel discouraged at times. I can’t even count how many times I’ve felt crappy or frustrated over some writing related hitch, but then after reading Sooz’s newsletter, I immediately felt better and that HEY, MAYBE I *CAN* DO THIS.

Sooooo what are you waiting for? Go forth and subscribe by clicking the banner below~~~


*Fix like a shot of inspiration or a mental nudge. Not like a drug fix. Unless you’re reading this in the year 2525 and there’s a legal drug that allows one’s productivity and writing skills to sky rocket.

**I chose the extra scene because while one day I will have to delve back into the world of query writing, I am a member of the Eleanor Fitt fan club, so there was no way I could resist more from the series xD


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