5 Rules to Live by in 2015

Most years I make a ist of goals to accomplish from January to December. This year, I’m going to try something different. Instead of making a check list that will probably make me go insane by November when I realize that I’m nowhere close to completion, I’m going to make a list of rules to abide by. It’s true that maybe I’ll still go insane, but whatever.

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time that I make reference to this autobiography I had to write in fourth grade wherein one of the chapters was about the future and what/who/where we wanted to be in 2015. GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN, it is now 2015. In order to make 9 year old Lindsey proud of Lindsey in 2015, these are the rules that I’ve come up with in order to ensure that I can be the best possible version of …myself.

1) Be positive.
Completely easier said than done, but it’s something I truly need to try to do at all times. Of course there will be moments that I want to rant forever about sheer dumbness or maybe I’ll just be in a mood, but I want to try my best to keep my spirits up. Positivity also means squashing negative vibes, and I don’t just mean my surroundings (because hello, you probably can’t do that unless you live in a utopia, and even then…). I mean that I also want to rid myself of negativity. I really want to diminish the negative attitude I have and the comments I make about whatever stuff or people. I think I’m generally OKAY when it comes to this… but well, anyone who is being honest with themselves will admit that nobody is ever 100% polite in the privacy of their own mind, if you know what I mean.

2. Live and train as if I’m preparing for the apocalypse.
Time to brush up on my zombie-hacking skills! That will be accomplished by living a healthy lifestyle. I’m very on/off about this, as I’m sure many people are. Some weeks I’m ON THE BALL with exercising and eating healthy. Other weeks, I’m a cookie monster/chip fiend who can conquer an AYCE sushi dinner without breaking a sweat. This year, I want to continue what I’ve been doing for the past few years, but the only difference is that I want to keep it up. Obviously there will be days when you gotta treat yo’self, but I’m only getting older (oh gosh help) and I do have to start taking better care of my body. Plus, I’m serious about the apocalypse. Like I don’t want to die because I wasn’t able to outrun an alien creature or something.

3. Shake it off.
I’m very much an ~in the moment~ kind of person where my mood can drastically change with a single word. And I mean like, Bruce Banner transforming into the Incredible Hulk split second change. Paired with Rule #1, I seriously do need to learn to shake things off. Or more bluntly, not give a shiz. This is especially true for when I have to socialize with friends, family, co-workers, or just people in general. Too many times have I let something so insignificantly minor get the best of me and ruin my day. I need to not beat myself up over whatever life decides to throw at me or what people say to me.

4. Keep trying.
Master Yoda may have be the head of the Jedi Council on Coruscant, but I’m gonna have to agree with Kanan from Star Wars Rebels–the whole “Do or do not. There is no try,” thing is …Just no. The reason I dismiss his lesson is because sometimes YEAH, YOU’RE GONNA FAIL. Sometimes stuff just isn’t going to work out for you. Sometimes it’s gonna hit the fan and whatever goal you set out to accomplish isn’t going to be perfectly completed with a pretty bow on top. That’s the reality of life. And that’s why I have to keep trying.

5. The past is in the past.
(Did you sing that line Queen Elsa-style? Because I did.) In accordance with Rule #3, I need to stop dwelling on what’s already been said or done. Even if I had a time traveling device, I can’t actually change the past because that wouldn’t solve anything–I’d still have the memories. And that’s the major kicker here. Life happens, and people change. Relationships rearrange themselves. Sorry Ryan Gosling, but sometimes it really IS over (I’m still holding out for him to get back together with Rachel though, ahhh). Memories should be cherished, but I can’t let them dictate my life. I need to realize that I’m a different person now and whatever held true in 2005 or 1995 means nothing in 2015. I need to stop lamenting on how much easier or interesting life was back then and instead I need to focus on living in the present day. To quote another line from Frozen: Say goodbyeeeeeeee to the pain of the past!

Aaand there you go. I don’t think I’m asking too much of myself, right? Right?! Although these are all LIFE rules, I think they can each be hammered down to specifically reflect my quest to publication as well.

In summary: Endurance is key and I need to keep going NO MATTER WHAT.

Happy 2015~


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