Revise-a-thon: Sunless Saturday Edition

Good morrow, fair blog. So. Another Saturday, another revise-a-thon. It’s a perfect day to stay indoors and kick this manuscript’s butt into gear because it is gloomy outside. It’s mid-April and we’ve fully been having winter storms all week. I know I live in Canada, but winter storms in April?! As T.S. Eliot wrote, April is the cruellest month. Anyway.

First, some quick pre-revision stuff:

• Last month, I had a brainstorm explosion with regards to this idea. Since then, that story has appropriately decided to start its own revolution (like the French in the 19th century, get it? GET IT?!). It evolved from a “retelling” into an “inspired by”. The whole unrequited love stuff was becoming too similar to …oh, I don’t know – ALMOST EVERY OTHER STORY I’VE WRITTEN. As a result, I decided to make a huuuge change to the overall plot and yeah, it totally can’t be a retelling because it’s far off in its own galaxy now. I think I’m still going to keep that original short story for nostalgia’s sake, but um yeah, yay!!! Evolving story! This is the part when I refrain from making a Pokémon reference and move onto my next bullet point.

• Starless Night – holy mole. In the past few weeks, I have cut a significant chunk of its word count. Like, A LOT of words. I’m really glad about this because I realized how much extra crap and filler I’d had in my most recent draft. In cutting out that chunk, though, I’ve had to sew it back together. I’ve found this to be a long, but satisfying process. And that’s what I’ll be continuing to do in today’s revise-a-thon. Smoothing out transitions and fixing continuity probz (damn you, time trap plot). My goal is to be finished with this stuff by the end of the month… We’ll see. Hopefully today will help that happen.

As usual, I’m accompanied by Jen, my fellow babysitter’s club member. Little side note: I’ve read the first two acts of Jen’s MS and oh my goshhh. The world should be jealous of me because it is completely awesome and I almost wish (almost because wishes can backfire, yo) that I could speed up time so I can read the rest. With that said, let the revisions begin! Or commence, rather. Whatever. You know what I mean. Okay.

10:30 – First up this morning isn’t actual revising, but making a list of key scenes that I KNOW need tending to.

12:00 – I will now be changing all of the dialogue in my MS to Newsies-style speak. And I will use time travel as the explanation. (Jen’s Newsies quoting has led me to listen to Newsies, CLEARLY)

14:09 – Slow progress, but steady progress. I’m just about to ~mess with a chapter that I haven’t really had the need to touch because it’s already fine. I need to include a random detail that becomes important later, but I need to be DISCREET about it. Or, in Arya Stark-style, I need to be quiet as a shadow. Or “sneaky like a fox.”

16:06 – It wouldn’t be a day in the life of Lindsey without a dilemma! So I’ve got this one chapter and I could seriously just omit it from the entire manuscript. With the whole time trap plot, it’s an event that occurs, but it doesn’t have to. It’s totally “deleted scene” worthy, but then it’s also good enough that I think the story and characters would benefit from it. So now I must decide: to keep or not to keep? I have to go to church in half an hour or so, so on the drive there I think this is what I shall be ruminating about. Hmm………..

On a totally unrelated note, one of the tabs I have open right now is a Wiki article on “GEESE”. Is this for my MS? I’ll never tell.

18:11 – Back from church. Decisions have been made to keep that chapter, but by integrating it into other chapters. One of the reasons I wanted to keep it is because I feel it serves in the “character development” department. So I’m going to go choppy chop and distribute it right now.

18:46 – The deed is done. Because I don’t want to read over what I JUST fixed, I shall now take another break to work out. I always try to go do something else before rereading so that my mind is ~freshened, and strangely, good ideas and inspiration always seem to come to me when I’m on the elliptical. So BRB.

22:51 – So I think whatever I did …worked?! I’ll probably have to come back to this in a few days and reread it with a completely refreshed mind, but I don’t have that unsure voice nagging me in the back of my head. Let’s just declare ignorance as bliss for now. xD

23:34 – OKAY, all day I’ve been wondering why my word count seemed too high. I know I added in a few random lines, but nothing crazy. I just realized that I had one of my chapters duplicated. THANK GOODNESS because I was close to having a mini panic attack.

12:16 AM – What what now? It’s past midnight. I guess technically the day is over, so I think I will cease the status updates of this revise-a-thon. Revisions, however, will not stop. Much progress was made today and I was able to clean up A LOT of stuff. Every scene is in the right place now. Everything is in chronological and timey-wimey order. Huzzah!

And so, until next time…


3 Comments on “Revise-a-thon: Sunless Saturday Edition”

  1. I AM SO EXCITED about spacey times. And also super intrigued about it ~evolving.

    And OMGOSH I feel like we are both super close to our goals with our respective WiPs AHHHH.

    BLUSHING about Apparent talk.

    • Lindsey says:

      ME TOO. Hopefully I can send you a snippet or something soon, just for fun. I honestly don’t know WHEN I will find the time to work on it with all of this other stuff, lol.


  2. Lollll I have definitely done the chapter duplication thing. It led to panic when I came across a section was all “WHAT, NO. I ALREADY REVISED YOU” and went into a horrific spiral before I realized what happened.

    Glad you made so much necessary progress/decisions/etc!

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