I dreamed a dream IN SPACE. Or: discussing my other other OTHER story.

Last December I did something that I probably should not have done. I tried to ignore what came of this act, but I could not. So now here I am with a substantial word count of ANOTHER story. Although I know that nobody can dictate what I write and when I write it, (until I get a book deal, HAHA), so who even cares how many new stories ideas I come up with, I feel like I’m cheating on my Starless Night babies. But I CANNOT HELP IT. I wasn’t going to ever blog about this hoping that it would just die in the gutter (this metaphor is relevant, you will see!), but no …it’s still alive and moving and AHHHH!

Anyway, on to the plot~ It’s no huge secret that I adore Les Mis. For a plethora of sad, sappy reasons, it’s my favourite musical. It reminds me of everything. You know what else I adore? SPACE. Stuff that happens on spaceships. Star Wars. Battlestar Galactica. Firefly. That kind of stuff. So I’m all good when it comes to the screen, but when it comes to books, I actually haven’t read too many novels that take place in space that I’ve enjoyed. So during Christmas break last year, I was writing a scene about this girl who’s all in unrequited love with this guy and then I thought, “YOU KNOW WHAT, let’s change the setting!” And I put them on a spaceship. Then I took that chunk, changed their names, and stuck it in a new file and titled it “The Space Errand.” And a random short story was written.

Then I started thinking about high school history class and the French Revolution and my mind went into allegorical mode and WOULDN’T IT BE COOL IF THE WORKING CLASS WERE ALIENS? Aliens and humans and rebellion and UNREQUITED LOVE. Before I knew it, I had a Les Mis re-telling unfolding in front of me. The short story had turned into a new story. I know that there are a LOT of classic novels being retold in sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural/etc settings and this is freaking LES MISÉRABLES …which is why I yelled at myself when more ideas matriculated because I’m sure it’s going to happen sooner or later. But ohhhhhh I cannot abandon this now.

By the way, I know that Marie Lu’s Legend (which was AMAZING) was inspired by the Valjean vs. Javert cat-and-mouse chase, but naturally my story is told in the POV of Éponine and focuses more on that side of the story. And yes, she is an alien. Kind of. It’s a futuristic story, so there are aliens and humans and maybe hybrids and oh, I have said too much already.

The moral of this story is that I really need a time turner because my brain feels like a volcano on the verge. It’s going to erupt, so I need to stop stuffing it with notions and ideas. On the other hand, yay notions and ideas! I mean, that’s one of my favourite things about writing: brainstorming.

So the real moral of this story is that I better go finish Starless Night revisions because… there are more stories waiting for me and despite my freaking out, I’m pretty stoked about writing this new endeavour. 🙂 IN SPACE!


3 Comments on “I dreamed a dream IN SPACE. Or: discussing my other other OTHER story.”

  1. I forgot to comment on this when I first read it… but YAYYYY I’m glad you have another story you’re excited about 🙂

  2. […] Last month, I had a brainstorm explosion with regards to this idea. Since then, that story has appropriately decided to start its own revolution (like the French in […]

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