Revise-a-thon: BACK TO THE PAST Edition

Write write write. You can only write so much before you must venture over onto the next avenue into the realm of REVISIONS. Yup, that’s right. So instead of setting a word count, today is all about setting some revision goals. I’m joined by my parter-in-crime Jen and naturally we will be live-blogging and tweeting throughout the day.

Oh, so I should probably mention that the work-in-progress I’m revising today is Starless Night. Yeah, that little monster is reverting back into the revision stage again. Maybe it’s just me, but something isn’t sitting right with me about those first few chapters. There are also miscellaneous items I want to polish up that I only thought needed editing after working on other projects. So I guess it really was a good idea to write something in between because now I REALIZE things that I need to fix.

10:01 AM – I’m already drinking my second cup of tea (I have addiction problems, I WILL ADMIT IT). Time to rip these first few chapters apart and put it back together…

11:00 AM – Okay. So I’ve managed to chop and change the first half of the first chapter, but I’m missing …THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THE NOVEL. I know, it’s ridiculous. I’m actually only missing half a sentence, but I’m just going to leave this alone for a bit and return later. Next up is reading through that first breakfast scene that I love way too much. FRENCH TOAST.

11:42 AM – Second pot of tea. Also, my family went out so I decided to read and revise out loud. And maybe it’s just all of the Jane Austen/Lizzie Bennet Diaries discussions that have been taking up a substantial portion of my thoughts these days, but HOLY RUN ON SENTENCES. The second sentence of my novel could seriously be out of a Jane Austen novel because it went on forever. :/ Back to the chopping board.

12:16 PM – So I’ve always viewed the first five chapters as THE chapters because they lead up to The Wish. I’ve always felt like that’s just way too much and this is the challenge that always makes a comeback when I revise. Do I really need to keep four chapters worth of introductory stuff? Do I REALLY need that backstory of how my MC met her best friend? Questions, questions.

1:12 PM – Distractions are everywhere because Steph just finished watching all of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries in something like less than 12 hours. I’m going to tweet this sentiment, but I will also state it here: I love when one of my favourite friends joins the fan club of something wonderful. :’)

In revision related news, I’m probably going to spend all day on these first five chapters. These are the most important. Progress is being made and I am glad.

2:40 PM – I think I might have ~found the first line and of course, it’s a line that I had omitted from a previous draft. Weird how stuff always works out that way, huh? I’ve decided my reward is to go accompany my dad and grandfather for wonton soup. Sooo, be back in an hour! (I’m probably going to bring some revisions to work on in the car) Nevermind. I have no money, so I’m just going to make instant ramen instead. Back to revisions.

3:47 PM – oh my gosh, 25 minutes ago I went to go lie in my bed just to lie in bed and I FELL ASLEEP. I’m awake now. Back to revisions, FOR REALZ.

4:36 PM – There are not enough synonyms for the word “smile” or “sigh” and there never will be. SIGH.

5:08 PM – Can it be? CAN IT BE CHRISTINE? No. What I mean to say is CAN IT BE? Have I actually managed to shred up these first five chapters and then sew them back together? Mayhaps.

6:12 PM – I just read over a sentence and proceeded to exclaim, “WHAT?!” because I forgot that I’d changed a detail about a secondary character. Then I laughed at myself for reacting so strongly. Oh my gosh, I am tired. Fortunately, however, I’m glad to report that I’m currently revising a section that doesn’t seem to need much revising.

6:47 PM – Sooo I’ve come to the end of Part I. I have a few sentences highlighted that I still need to ruminate about, but I think it’s all otherwise good and rid of plot holes and awkward run-on sentences. It’s still kind of early, so maybe after a shower and dinner I’ll go through a few more chapters…

10:20 PM – 19/47 chapters have been read through and I was able to accomplish my main goal today in fixing up the first five chapters. With that, I’m going to call it a night for revisions!

I am very glad I dedicated a day to doing this because I now feel much more at ease. Until next time…


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  1. Or “gasp.” Or “nod.”

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