“You Got The Look.” Or: I was tagged in a writing meme.

Hullo, hullo. Admittedly, I haven’t actually written too much since November ended. It’s like, everything I neglected to do in November because of NaNo fell to December and YEAH, YOU KNOW HOW IT IS. Anyway, Jen tagged me in this writing meme and I didn’t even know these existed… Here’s the delio: You search the word “look” in your current work in progress and then paste some of the passage. Here is a passage from chapter two of Verona Horse Mermaid and it’s kind of the first time I’m sharing ANY of this to the world (!!!). I think it goes without saying that this is in super rough draft stage…


“How do I look?” he asked Pippa, flicking one of the antennae on the sparkly halo atop his head. It wiggled erratically. “Ready to party like it’s 1999?”

“You look like an idiot, so I’d say you look about perfect.”

“I thought Capulet took care of all the Millennium Crashers for tonight,” Simon said, observing the main game screen. With his index finger, he swiped away Oliver’s stats and scanned through the overlaying maps that indicated current detections of Timeshade.

“It’s the weekend,” Oliver said, shaking his head in disapproval. “And 2000 will never be void of Millennium Crashers. There will always be some crackpot fool trying to relive these so-called glory days.”


AHHH. I’m freaking out and I can’t believe I publicly posted that, but there you go~
In a LiveJournal-esque throwback action, I tag WHOEVER comes across this and desires to do it.

ETA: The passage I originally posted was about 1K long, but then I edited this post to include just that little snippet instead because of… reasons. Eeep.


One Comment on ““You Got The Look.” Or: I was tagged in a writing meme.”

  1. I FORGOT TO COMMENT ON THIS WHEN I READ THIS. I ❤ this line: “You look like an idiot, so I’d say you look about perfect.”

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