Write-a-thon: NaNoWriMo 2012 Edition

Today is Day 11 of NaNoWriMo. In the almost two weeks that I’ve been writing, I’ve already learnt SO much. More on that on December 1st, however. Anyway, it’s time for another WRITE-A-THON. I’m not sure what time everyone will be around and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to stop for a power nap or something, but basically I’m starting super early today. So let’s see what we’ve got on the menu today~

Today’s project: The Autumn List (still not loving that title, but it’ll have to do for now.)
Current word count: 25 237
Today’s goal: to reach 30 000

I don’t know if my supposed super powers will be making an appearance today. I feel like I’m starting to reach that point in the story where most of the important scenes that need to happen have happened and I just need all of the transitions and ~fill in the blank scenes~ ……That fact pretty much SCARES ME. Oh well, we’ll see what happens…

8:30 – A pot of tea has been made and an extremely medieval breakfast consisting of a piece of bread has been consumed. I don’t think Jen is up yet, but I guess I’ll start…? 25 237

9:30 – Despite a case of morning sniffles, good progress is being made so far. My emotions are all over the place with this one series of scenes I’m working on. I’m not entirely sure at what point in the story this occurs, so I don’t know what these characters should be FEELING. 26 395

9:52 – ALERT. JEN IS AWAKE. YAAAY. 26 489

10:26 – This story is being written in first person, so my protagonist’s name keeps slipping from my mind as I only use it when someone is addressing her. Usually the name of the MC is set in stone for me from the beginning, but I’m actually finding myself a lit “blah” about it. Her name is Veronica and it’s all fine and well, but the guy’s name in this story is Luke and whenever I say their names together it sounds a bit too much like Veronica and Logan, i.e. the OTP from Veronica Mars. And that’s kind of distracting me. Sooo I don’t know. I’m thinking I might change her name since I’m not super attached to it. Just like the tentative title, I’m going to just wait it out. Her name will make itself known when it…makes itself known. 27 040

11:34 – 27 350. And okay, this has nothing to do with writing, but I just wanted to make a note of the fact that it’s Remembrance Day. Even though we shouldn’t limit our thoughts to just this one day of the calendar year, I think it’s important to commemorate and remember all of the sacrifices that were made that allow us to live as freely as we do today.

12:32 – My MCs (still named Veronica and Luke) are in a car and they are lost. Why? BECAUSE I AM LOST. 27 847

1:27 – Holy Procrastination Batman. I’m making steady progress, but I’m also super distracted. I’m not sure what it is but I just can’t seem to focus today. Especially when JENNIFER is sending me youtube links of stuff like this. Anyways, I think I’m also just trying to avoid writing because all of the scenes I planned to write today are DRAMATIC ones. Or they need to be dramatic, at least. In other news, I’ve moved on from listening to really weepy music to A Very Potter Musical. This playlist switch might not prove to be helpful… 28 240

3:02 – GRASPING AT STRAWS. Also, I think the daylight is interfering with the progress of this story. I usually write IN DARKNESS, so the brightness beaming at me through the window is throwing me off. 29 057

4:24 – I am just like a sad loaf of bread right now. Words are happening, but they are SO blah. Much like that sad attempt at a simile. Earlier during one of my bouts of procrastination, I took a webcam photo of myself so that I could remember this day. And now, like Jen, I will share said picture because clearly I have my priorities in order. 29 707 and this is my writing face. NO FANCY SLIPPER HERE.

5:22 – Yaaay, my goal for the day has been reached! Today was a freaking challenge. Never mind all of the random interruptions, but I feel like a lot of what I wrote were broken scenes. A snippet there. A short conversation here. So I think I’m still going to trudge on for the night. Just keep swimming~ 30 020

8:47 – Many sappy songs later, and I think I’m going to cap my pen for the day. I can’t believe I woke up twelve hours ago to do this. I feel like I just ran a mental marathon. I could probably still keep going if I reaaally wanted to, but I also really want to finish reading Fever by Lauren DeStefano, so I’m going to call it a night.

Final word count: 31 258
Words written today: 6021

Also, I think I’ve decided that I’m keeping the name Veronica. The name just clicked with the character today. LIKE MAGIC. Sort of trippy, but it happened. And so, another successful write-a-thon, another new theme song, another step closer to …WORD DOMINATION.

Peace out.


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