Sunday Write-a-thon

GOOD MORROW, WORLD. I can’t quite recall the last time I was up this early on a Sunday while also properly clothed and functioning. Actually, I’m still in pajamas, but THAT DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is that today I am embarking on a write-a-thon with Jen. It’s nearing the end of the month and we both have works in progress that need a BOOST. So today we shall be writing and liveblogging and hopefully not going too insane from it all.

Today I’m working on my secret agent time traveling spies story. I’m planning on participating in NaNoWriMo in a few days with a completely different project, so I want to get in as many words on this story before November. My current word count is 19344. Since my brain is mush right now, I’ll say that today’s writing goal is 5000 words? I’m not really sure if that’s aiming too high or low, but we’ll see. My other goal is to also come up with another way to refer to this story because secret agent time traveling story is such a mouthful.

Actually. I just took a minute to think about it and I’m hereby going to refer to this story as Verona Horse Mermaid. One day I’ll explain that. Okay, one goal completed! HAHA.


11:07 – START.

11:36 – 552 words. Now to waste ten minutes choosing a playlist. NEWSIES, perhaps?

12:01 – 983 words. Also, I’ve switched my music to One Direction. Naturally.

1:13 – 2419 words. That doesn’t seem right, so either my math is WAY off or I’m totally taking some sort of “start fast, end slow” approach. I don’t know. The passage I’m currently writing takes place in France, but the girl is pretending to be Italian, so I’ve had to look up several random phrases. The previous chapter saw some dramatic showdown in my brain because I typed up a random sentence and realized that if I kept going on that certain train of thought then this one character that’s supposed to be dislikable would become …likeable. No bueno. I guess that just goes to show the POWER of words, hahaha. Alright, I think it’s lunch time. I’m a little hesitant because I know once I leave my room, I’ll get distracted by something in my house. We’ll see what happens.

2:05 – 3019 words. Uhhh, totally didn’t end up eating lunch yet because all I did was sit up from my desk and I already found myself distracted with starting a conversation about IMPORTANT LIFE ISSUES with my dog. So after that clearly one-sided convo, I decided to sit back down and write some more. Lunch time, for realz now. Also I should probably change out of my pajamas now…

3:04 – 3342 words. Whyyyyyyy did I start writing about macarons? Now I want a macaron. In other news, the Game of Thrones theme song came up on my iTunes and for some reason I felt compelled to sit still for the entire 1 minute and 47 seconds it played. And I just read Jen’s latest update about Jake the DIREWOLF, so that makes the fact that this just happened more amusing than it should be. Anyway, listening to that theme song reminded me of THIS which I couldn’t stop listening to yesterday. I’m tempted to listen to it right now, but I know it’ll just distract me.

3:08 – Who am I kidding? I totally listened to it. If a JIGGLYPUFF shows up in this manuscript, you know why.

4:31 – 4413 words. Apparently the last time I did a find + replace was to look up “Voldemort” in this document……… Anyway, I’m quite close to meeting my goal today. I think I might just keep going even until after I hit 5000 because it’s still daylight and I want to just write as much of this story as I can before November hits. (PS. Currently listening to Spring Awakening. I MISS THIS.)

5:13 – 5131 words. HUZZAH. My goal for the day is met. I shall keep going however. I’m sort of experiencing a peach rings sugar high.

5:46 – 5377 words. I did not just make a reference to Jigglypuff in this story. I swear I did not. Yes, I totally did.

6:43 – 6091 words. Breaking for a shower and then dinner.

9:35 – 8031 words. Dang. In Jen’s post when she claimed that I had apparent super powers to shell out 8K a day, I shook my head because in truth, it was 8K over the span of a weekend in which I did not sleep. I guess I am capable of writing that much in a day, however. Granted half of this is probably CRAP, but with a first draft that doesn’t matter. Anyways, I think I’m done for the night and sadly, I don’t know when I’ll return to this story since November is going to be freaking busy… How is the year almost ending?!

And so, yes. First somewhat official write-a-thon is over and Jen and I both met our goals for the day. SUCCESS. ‘Twas much fun and can’t wait to do it again.


One Comment on “Sunday Write-a-thon”

  1. This was the best idea ever. PRODUCTIVITY FTW.

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