The Cosplay List

So first of all, AHH it’s October 25th. Such a significant day for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s the date that I first saw Spring Awakening on Broadway in 2007. Weirdly enough, I saw Spring Awakening in 2008 on the EXACT SAME DATE. It’s also the date that Starless Night (whoa, it feels weird typing that) originally took place. In revising, I had to change the date because the last time a Friday was on October 25th was in 2002. That’s ten years ago and frighteningly, that is a while ago. Anyway, this is somewhat IRRELEVANT. I’m so weird about dates, though, so I always have to bring them up.

The COSPLAY list. So I have a list stored in my brain of characters that I want to dress up as at least once in my life for Halloween, Fan Expo, or whatever other event that requires dress-up. Since Halloween is soon approaching, I decided to “write down” an actual list.

• Xena: Warrior Princess
• Lara Croft
• The Paper Bag Princess
• Sailor Mars
• Han Solo
• Éponine
• Padmé (Tatooine outfit from Episode I)
• Jubilee (or another X-Men related character)
• Liz Parker (her Crash Down uniform complete with BULLET WOUND BLOOD and glowy alien hand print)
• Peter Pan or Wendy (I’m not sure)

Previous stuff on the list that I am able to cross off, but want to include anyway:
• Princess Leia (Halloween 2010)
• Daenerys Targaryen (Fan Expo 2012)
• BSG general colonial solider casual uniform whatever (Fan Expo 2011)

I’m thinking I’m going to be Xena for next year’s Fan Expo, but I also really want to be Lara Croft. If I go for both days, maybe I shall do both. We’ll see. And at this point in my life, if you’re reading this blog then chances are that you already know I’m dressing up as Thor for Halloween. Random, right? Kind of.


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