it’s october 3rd…


That’s not what’s important, however. What is important is that in the summer, I decided to make a huge change to the plot of The Story. I decided to crop out this one plot detail that was pretty much intertwined into the entire latter half of the story. While getting rid of every trace of that plot detail wasn’t too harrowing of a process, the real challenge lay in sewing the rest of The Story back together. The summer of 2012 was freaking busy. Basically, I had NO TIME for anything. Thankfully I was able to find the time in September to work on piecing The Story back together. Yes, I’ve had to neglect a bunch of stuff in order to make time for these pesky revisions, but sacrifices had to be made. Earlier today, I finally revised that annoying last scene of doom.

I totally still need to do an entire read-over of the whole dang thing just for the sake of doing that, but I’ve pretty much filled in all of the plot holes (little and big), fixed continuity issues (effing time travel), and it’s all good. Of course there’s still the whole frantic “OH MY GOSH WHAT IF THIS SUCKS YOU ARE THE WORST WRITER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD” paranoia floating around in my mind, but it’s …just about ready.

That felt weird to type. So it looks like October will be THE month. The month of …querying. GULP.

Maybe it’s a good thing I have a lot stuff happening in October. Hopefully my mind will be too distracted by life stuff to be freaking out about this stuff. We’ll see what happens.

And hmm, maybe now I should stop referring to The Story as The Story. *creates new tag*


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