whimsical behavior

Although I had plenty of stuff planned for my Friday night, I somehow ended up …somewhere else.

First, this happened. Well, technically that happened a few years ago, but it’s been a loooong while and I have NO idea what the password is. I believe my user name was allyson_jeune, but I looked that up and it doesn’t exist. It was probably purged because I neglected it. So a few months ago, I ended up just making a new account altogether.

Tonight, I randomly decided to post the only fic I’ve ever written. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve written fics before, but those stories are 1) lost in the basement, 2) old-school, meaning I wrote them when I was a child, and 3) old-school, meaning they were written before I knew that what I was writing was fanfic. So sure those count, but ~officially~ I’ve only written one. I have three more incomplete ones and perhaps one day I will finish them…

So anyway, after uploading that sole fic (yay puns!), then THIS happened. I don’t know if I’ll actually post anything there or if I’ll just post stuff on this blog or what.

I do not know. I feel like I spend way too much time canvassing through my own archives when what I should be doing is focusing on the present. Sigh.


2 Comments on “whimsical behavior”

  1. Jen says:

    The first “THIS” still happens for me from time to time lol. Some of the stuff on there is totally “Child” territory


    • Lindsey says:


      but lol, a part of me is glad I never posted stuff when I was in high school because it'd totally fall into "child" territory, as well. And then I'd probably just be cringing and/or crying nonstop o_o Although it can be fun and interesting to look back from time to time!

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