Times Square can’t shine as bright as you. I swear it’s true.

For one week (give or take), 5 book bloggers (well, one was a movie blogger) from around the continent (kinda) embarked on a journey to New York City. It was there in the core of The Big Apple that they lived, loved, and livetweeted. This is the story of –okay, HAHAHA. I can’t go on. My dramatic narrator voice is not working and I’m feeling uncreative and loafy.

So yup, the trip to NYC came and went like The Flash (who is actually wanted in NYC). I’ve had some pretty epic moments in NYC before (meeting Jonathan Groff in 2007, for example) but I think this trip pretty much takes the cake. My BEA recap and reflections post can be found at my book blog, but SO much more than just book-related stuff happened whilst in NYC. It’s true that most of the trip revolved around bookish things, but there were some moments that nobody but mah fellow dauntless babies will understand.

So prior to the trip, I made a list of to-do list that consisted of 25 items. Some I did, some I did not. Instead of going down that list, here is another. 25 MEMORIES. I know, how sappy, right? It would definitely fit the tone of the title of this post (I’m listening to that song right now and it seemed appropriate, okay?!) Maybe instead I should just call the list ’25 things that happened in NYC.’

First let’s begin with an introduction to the group. And yes, I’m totally going to go all CW promo on this blog right now.

jen | steph | linda | katie | lindsey

Jen: The original victim of the candid shot. She is ultra photogenic and super nice (which she credits to “sorority recruitment training.”) Most memorable lines: “You can’t have a baby in Dauntless!” and “That was almost a disaster.”

Steph: The ghost discoverer who is always on the lookout for CHASE ATMs. Her carry-on item was NOT a parka. Most memorable lines: “Mary Lu,” “1D EN MEXICO,” and “There is no third floor.”

Linda: The non-book blogger who JUST WANTED TO GO OUT. The only one who ended up jogging in Central Park. Most memorable lines: “We have to get out of this apartment!” (sober Linda) and “You guys, this is all I wanted!” (drunk Linda)

Katie: The one with the “pretty hair” (Libba Bray’s words, not mine. Although I do totally agree). She became best friends with many authors, all who remembered her. Most memorable lines: “ALERT: ARCS OF CREWEL AT MACMILLAN,” “Where are mah people? Have you seen mah people?” and “I volunteer!”

Lindsey: The Kristen Stewart expression-a-like. A malfunctioning robot who never smiles, but always feels like she is on the verge of tears. Most memorable line: “Whatever, we’ll walk down the street like we own it” and “something” (twitter).

And now without further ado…
25 Things That Happened in NYC

1. Geography Lessons with Niall Horan.
Poor Niall for receiving inadequate lessons as a student or poor Malachy Flanagan for trending on twitter for his apparent crimes? VIVA MEXICO. Which is NOT in South America.

2. We don’t have that in Canada.
It totally became a thing to say that. That or “That’s how we do it in Canada.” Also, there’s the whole issue of pop vs. soda. Why spilt up soda pop?

3. My carry-on item was a parka.

patiently waiting for day #1 of BEA...

Such fun to quote the first chapter of Twilight and not be judged (I think). I won’t deny it. I was in love with the series and there are days that I still look back on the books with a revered sigh. To this day, some of those seemingly insignificant lines are still stuck in my head. With that said, just being able to gush about books in general was amazingly fun. I loathe using the word “nerds” because people use it excessively and with some supposed exalted meaning, but there is no better word to use in this case. We were total book nerds. And it was great.


4. The candids.
It all started with Katie snapping a photo of Jen in the midst of eating her overpriced grilled cheese sandwich. That would be the first of many random candid photos, mostly of Jen. Best picture? The award goes to PLUMBER JEN.

she's so dauntless

5. Instagram Whores/How to get unfollowed on Twitter/CAN WE PLEASE GO OUT?
Nightly “anti-social media” sessions. Constantly retweeting each other and liking every damn photo posted on Instagram. It became a tradition. It also became a tradition for Linda to scold us over the fact that we never wanted to leave the house after 8pm. Steph was super convinced we’d end up in HARLEM (whatever that is). “But you’re in New York City!” Linda would protest. Our reply was to agree and then state how we were doing exactly what REAL New Yorkers did: stay indoors and order food. (To be fair, we did attempt to be touristy when we had the energy!)

example: a seemingly irrelevant tweet that we all retweeted

in the cab on the way back to the apartment

6. Time Travel via Yellow Cab.
I thought we’d by relying on the subway to get around, but we ended up using free shuttle buses and enduring several cab rides instead, all of which were truly an experience. On the shuttle buses we totally sat at the back like the cool kids. My favourite cab moment is tied between when “Call Me Maybe” came on the radio and when the cab driver accelerated like crazy resulting in Jen stating that “I feel like we’re going back to the future.” Now that I think about it, both of those moments possibly occurred in the same cab ride.

7. Katie’s People.
Eventually, Katie began to refer to the rest of us as “my people” and other people totally knew which people she was referring to. And sadly, she had to return to Canadaland early which resulted in the sadness of her people. How many times after she left did we exclaim “I MISS KATIE!” Too many times.

8. There is no third floor.
That kind of reminds me of Gale’s “THERE IS NO DISTRCT 12.” But anyways, we were totally convinced the apartment was haunted and we have evidence that the Simon and Shuster building IS haunted. Also, nightly lantern lighting happened outside the window of Steph’s and my room. We don’t know why.


you can't totally see it, but my shirt fully says STARRY NIGHT

Also: No wine. No apples. No cell phones. No _____? (I forget the last one, lol)

10. Unicorns/BFFS.
There were a few awestruck moments for some attractive dudes and a certain book cover model, but most of the starstruck moments were reserved for authors, I think. We all made a bunch of bffs. Kind of. Let’s just say that some authors are ridiculously awesome and/or amusing. Highlight: Meeting Lauren Oliver. She seriously is royalty. She walked into the basement of the Jefferson Market like she owned the place and she did the same at Books of Wonder, except she kind of did own that event as it was called “Lauren Oliver and Friends.” I’m so glad I FINALLY got attend a signing/panel that she was a part of. I had missed her twice before and I guess the third time really is the charm. She’s totally my unicorn* author. Also, many laughs were had in relation to certain other authors. Mispronunciations of names, weirdo phobias, fanfics, the inability to multi-task, apparently knowing authors but not being aware of it, etc.

T: Jen, Steph, Lindsey. B: with Aimée Carter

sandwiched by Kat Zhang and Sarah J. Maas

11. ALERT.
Some of us received several enthusiastic alerts about the Crewel ARCs that were available at the MacMillan booth. Thank you, Katie, for being sooooo helpful.


12. Shake Shack and other foods.
I ate a burger from Shake Shack. It was really good. While waiting in the line, we spotted Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce just strolling on by on the street. No sign of Paul Wesley, however. This was also that time it rained REALLY hard. Other food consumed includes a greasy slice of pizza that I had to mop up prior to consuming it and $2 hot dog at Javits because we are poor. Also, at one point I’m pretty sure I ate an entire bag of popcorn in one sitting.

I devoured half of a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. I’m not an icing fan, so I basically just ate the cake part. It was red velvet and it was good. Very Narnian.

14. Spotted: Chace Crawford.
HAHA. I wish. After fancy dinner, we went to The Campbell Apartment a.k.a. where Nate cheated on Blair with Serena. We didn’t know this classy bar was the location of this backstabbing frenzy, but I guess the whole realization just goes to show that some stuff really stays with you. Like the glass windows on the wall apparently. “Hey, this kind of looks like that place in Gossip Girl…” One Google search later and BAM, we find out it is.

15. Books of Wonder.
One of my NYC goals was to go to a museum that wasn’t MoMA. Officially, that didn’t happen. Books of Wonder, however, could totally be considered a proxy for a museum because that place is an exhibit in itself. The lovely signed first editions behind the glass display cases and the multitude of book covers in frames that decorated the walls. It’s safe to say that this book store is totally on par with an actual museum. Plus the YA panel that took place there was highly entertaining and informative. A favourite line of the trip is Steph’s “Oh look, they’re all pretty,” as the authors took their seats. Pretty authors totally became a theme of the trip.

avec le pain (with the bread)

16. Fancy Dinner at Scarpetta.
As much as I am obsessed with referring to every event as a “gala,” I actually haven’t received too many opportunities in my life to dress up as if I really was attending a gala. It was great to put on a nice dress and some killer (literally) high-heeled strappy shoes for ~a night out on the town~. The bread basket exceeded expectations and I got to try risotto for the first time!

17. Drinks and such.
In NYC, I sampled a variety of beverages. I’m really boring when it comes to drinks. I like water and tea. Sometimes I go totally wild and have an iced coffee or Starbucks or regular bubble tea, but I mostly like plain stuff. In NYC, I had several types of pop soda, Thai iced tea, sweet tea (which is an option in McDonalds in the US), an Amaretto Sour, a Midori Sour, and a blueberry-pineapple smoothie from Cold Stone. It was all wonderful and refreshing. I also had a ginger ale on the plane ride there.

18. Flashforward.
I totally had a glimpse into the future. No, I’m not referring to #6 when our cab driver seemed to be driving at 88mph. I’m talking about MY future. At one point during the Books of Wonder event the authors gushed about how they were fangirls of other authors even though they are now themselves published authors. Jen turned to me and said, “That’s going to be us some day.” 🙂

19. This is my default face.
Oh, the juxtaposition between Kristen Stewart and wanting to cry. I don’t know WHY, but I feel like there were so many emotional moments of this trip.

20. One Direction’s on replay, they’re on replay.
They were also at Cold Stone like, three months ago. Also, she’ll probably deny this, but we totally got Linda singing “What Makes You Beautiful” by the end of the trip. Mission: accomplished. Other songs of the trip included: Call Me Maybe (duh), “Why Not?” by Hilary Duff, “JAR OF HEARTS” by Christina Perri, “We Are Young” by Fun., and a bunch of other female pop artists.

@ the Stardust Diner

Yes, that’s a line from a One Direction song, but I’m actually referring to another event that occurred while we were in fancy attire. Seriously now, Cesar. 5 girls and one bathroom? Speaking of…

You’re welcome for the fix. And the books. And the KOBO mug.

23. Dauntless Babies.
We totally formed a Mean Girls clique. Hahaha, I’m kidding. The word clique has such bad connotations, but WELL, that’s what it is. In the weeks leading up to BEA, I asked Steph one of the worst questions of life: Which character would she rather be knocked up in the final installment of their respective trilogy, Tris (Divergent) or Lena (Delirium)? The answer is Lena, because “You can’t have a baby in Dauntless!” as Jen pointed out during one of our late night convos. This would spawn (HAHA) the first of many “dauntless baby” jokes. Sadly, the Veronica Roth in-booth signing was beyond packed, so we never got to ask her how the faction dealt with infants. But there’s always next year! That leads me to the next one…

24. Oh well, next year!
There’s a multitude of stuff we didn’t get to do during the trip. We didn’t see a musical or go to the TARDIS bar, nor did we go to Central Park or eat macarons. It’s all good, though, because we are all definitely returning next year. We’re BEA experts! Freshman year is over and we got this now.

25. YOLO** = Dauntless motto.
We actually prefer YODO. You only die once. Unless you’re Dauntless.

our crafty postcard with Katie added in

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff and probably one day I’ll be doing some mindless task at work and suddenly remember something and want to burst out in laughter. Anyway, yup. I totally can’t wait for June 2013 because we are most definitely going back. Aaand I’m not going to say anything about anything else because I’ll probably start getting emotional. So instead, I’ll just end with this photo:

book lovers unite ❤

* Unicorn = too awesome/wonderful/beautiful/whatever to be real. Originally it referred to the extremely rare attractive men we spotted at our book-related events, but then we extended the term to our must-see/meet authors.
** We actually hate this saying. We’re being IRONIC~ 



6 Comments on “Times Square can’t shine as bright as you. I swear it’s true.”

  1. Jen says:

    I just love this post. I bookmarked/favorited it so I never lose it.

    (PS, no wine, no apples, no cell phones, no cigarettes!)

    • Lindsey says:

      YES, that’s the last one! Oh man, next year we totally have to get a picture of that. Everyone will be taking pictures of the timeless art and we’ll be snapping shots of the glass door xD

  2. Steph says:


    i burst out laughing so many times while reading this…and then proceeded to want to cry. i can’t wait to return to cesar’s den of sin with you all next year. miss youuuuuuuuuuu.

    • Lindsey says:

      Right?! It’s ridiculous how much I still want to laugh and cry over this stuff.

      Cesar better prepare himself. And get that bathroom fixed!

  3. Bex says:

    Lindsey, this is such a great post. I’m glad you guys had such a blast and I love that Linda got you all out of that apartment! 😀

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