The Ides of May

Oh, May. For as long as I can remember, May always seems to be ~good to me. I have no idea why. With that said, despite the fact that work today was ultra boringo, so many randomly cool things happened throughout the day and I feel the need to make note of it because this never happens to me EVER. It’s weird. So weird that I’m almost skeptical. Anyway:

• ONE DIRECTION. I’d pretty much already accepted the fact that I would not be going either of their Toronto shows this year or either of their shows in 2013. Seriously. It sold out in 10 minutes, apparently? BUT THEN, my bff happened to be checking ticketmaster today and lawn seats were on sale! I know, I know, lawn seats are waaay in the back, but for this particular venue I actually prefer them. AHH. 2 weeks. I AM SO EXCITED. I still haven’t fully grasped that I am going, omg. I should note that I can be like, really weird about expressing emotions related to gratitude and I’m somewhat weirded out by physical contact, but I JUST WANTED TO HUG MY BEST FRIEND WHEN SHE TEXTED ME THIS NEWS. It was a weird feeling o_O

• Newsies. My cousin and I pre-ordered the Newsies OBCR in early April. Today our package arrived at work! We already have the digital version of the album, but having the lyrics booklet and a physical copy of the recording is cool beans.

• STEAK. So my family seldom eats steak as a homemade dinner. We seriously only cook it once a year and it’s pretty much when my dad decides he’s in the mood to eat steak and we’ll all share a piece. I don’t know. We all like it, but we just don’t make it often. It’s expensive. Anyway, yesterday was apparently that one day of the year. Yesterday my cousins also happened to have steak for their dinner (they have it often). Today for lunch I had this semi-epic salad …but I ALSO GOT TO EAT A PIECE OF STEAK, lol. My cousins’ had leftovers from their dinner! It was just a piece… but two days in a row! ZOMG, I felt like a queen. Pathetic, I know.

• Les Mis. The first trailer for the Les Mis musical film adaptation leaked earlier today! This is my favourite musical and one of my most highly anticipated films of the year (well, now that The Hunger Games has already come out, I guess it is THE most highly anticipated film of the year for me). The quality of that leaked trailer wasn’t that great, but from those little glimpses …I cannot wait. I’d been quite nervous about the film, but I have to say I’m feeling more and more optimistic with every new film update.

• The Avengers! On Sunday, my youngest sister and I had a marathon of all the films (except The Incredible Hulk). Initially, we were just going to watch Iron Man and Thor, but then we ended up watching everything. We actually watched Iron Man 2 twice. Having that marathon was an AWESOME way to preface finally seeing The Avengers tonight. Such an enjoyable film and I’m soo craving shawarma now~

On top of all that, I also went for an awesome jog in the late afternoon. I’m probably going to go get struck by lightning tomorrow in order to reestablish an equilibrium in the universe.

PS. Today is also one of my self-imposed mini-deadlines. I actually didn’t complete it, but it’s because I re-prioritized my editing schedule in order to complete some other stuff! So it’s all good.


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