ohhhhhh, we’re halfway there

2 weeks ago (well, 13 days ago, to be precise), I wrote this post in which I declared my goal to send out a query by May 22nd. That would make today the halfway point. Cue the freaking out.

On top of that self-imposed deadline, I also created a series of mini deadlines. One of them is today. Am I any near close to accomplishing the sub-goal I set for myself? Kind of. Cue even more freaking out.

It’s all good, though! I totally passed up an invite from my cousins to see The Avengers to at least attempt to conquer the sub-goal. It’s true that tonight has already had its share of distractions, but I was an ArtSci student for five years and writing under a timer should be no big deal. The plus side is that I’m not being graded and even if I fail, I won’t have to face the wrath of angry profs or cocky TAs. The only one I will have to deal with is myself and that’s punishment enough.

The current word count: 109 188 (yikes). The goal: polish up these three chapters in the middle of The Story. These three chapters contain some of my favourite scenes, so naturally I am being ultra psycho about editing them.

Alright. I’ve got my NEWSIES playlist, a banana-pineapple smoothie (ooh, I should post my recipe~), and a pot of green tea in the works. I may or may not take a Glee break (don’t judge, they’re covering One Direction tonight. Again, don’t judge). I am most likely going to chill in front of the television while NCIS: LA is on (Kensi/Deeks!). This is clearly the worst night to have chosen for this task, but whatever. The night is young and so am I (HAHA). Let’s do this.

BTW, this post may or may not be edited with progress updates throughout the rest of the night~

ETA: 8:40PM – Boy bands forever.

10:23PM – Why are cookies so addictive? Especially European ones. It’s all of the sugar and butter, isn’t it?

10:35PM – As much as I am in love with this story and the characters, I cannot wait until I am working on my other project… the one that’s not about a time trap D:

10:36PM – GAH, it always comes down to these little transition scenes. ALWAYS. Just weld yourself together already T_T

11:54PM – Progress is being made. Woohoo!

12:06AM – Grrr. Distraction in the form of my sister. “Do you want to watch Game of Thrones?” she asks.

1:38AM – It’s almost 2AM and I am watching freaking Contagion. WHY? (On the bright side, more progress has been made!)

2:30AM – So. I didn’t finish THE goal, but I was able to get a lot of other stuff sorted out! So I’m officially declaring this night a success. GOOD NIGHT.


2 Comments on “ohhhhhh, we’re halfway there”

  1. Jen says:

    Love the updates throughout the night haha. Steph Perkins and Beth Revis did this a while back (and maybe still do, but I’ve been lax in reading their blogs) and it always made me chuckle/feel somewhat comforted that their writing days looked similar to mine lol. Good luck on your self-imposed deadline!!!

    • Lindsey says:

      Hahaha, oh yeah I remember reading those a while back! It was indeed comforting and reassuring! Relatedly, that link Christa posted to a blog post from Jodi Meadows about first drafts also helped me feel a little more at ease~

      THANK YOU!

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