The Moderately Epic NYC To-Do List

Alrighty. So in one month I shall be in New York City! It’s somewhere I’ve been before and I pretty much just winged it during those trips, but this time I’ve decided to make a list of stuff to do. Challenges are always fun, right? These “goals” are really small-scale and yes, there are hundreds more actually epic goals to be conquered whilst in NYC. For me, these are fine, though. This is actually moreso of a to-do list anyway. I might make little edits, additions, or changes before the trip, but pretty much here is the list:

1. Meet Lauren Oliver, Stephanie Perkins*, and Veronica Roth at BEA (and get books my books signed)


3. THE JOG in Central Park

4. see a musical

5. attend Shakespeare in the Park

6. ride in a cab (because it’s NYC)

7. ride the subway (because it’s NYC)

8. eat pizza!

9. behold Van Gogh’s Starry Night in person (and possibly take a picture with it this time)

10. get Lisa the “Troy and Abed in the Morning” mug from the NBC store that you’ve promised her

11. attend a classy tea affair

12. sit on the steps of the Met (à la Gossip Girl)

13. devour a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery

14. eat street meat

15. stand in front of Times Square (because it’s NYC)

16. One Direction/pop music partay

17. purchase an NYPD t-shirt (for myself and my mom)

18. check out the Nederlander Theatre (a.k.a. where Newsies is currently running)

19. dress up all classy and fancy (as if I’m attending a gala)

20. go to a museum that isn’t MoMA

21. frozen hot chocolate (or whatever else) at Serendipity III

22. stand somewhere where a significant scene in a movie was filmed

23. send a postcard (to my sister(s), probably)

24. drink a French Vanilla from Tim Hortons (and compare it, of course)

25. …?

When I return from NYC, I will see how well I do~ Hopefully, I’ll also be able to provide photographic proof for completing each item on the list. I’m leaving the last spot blank because who knows… maybe I’ll come up with something during the trip. We shall see.

* Sadness. Steph Perkins shall not be attending this year. WOE IS ME.


One Comment on “The Moderately Epic NYC To-Do List”

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