a time trap within a time trap

No fancy introductions or ~mission statements~ about whatever I’ll be writing will be found here. Let’s skip the formalities and just get riiight into it.

You know how teachers or whoever are always like, “Write what you know!”? Even if you don’t intend to, you always end up writing what you know because whatever is in your brain is classified as “stuff you know”. Unless you’re under some weird spell that’s causing you to pluck ideas from other brains, whatever you write has roots in what you know. So it makes sense when a story reflects its writer. Even if the story is about some giant dinosaur-human hybrid from Neptune’s moon, if you dig deep enough you’re sure to find some sort of detail that you can connect to the writer. Something happens, you write about it. Something doesn’t happen, you write about it. Humans write from experience and we also write from the lack of experience. No matter what, it’s stuff you know. The writing reflects the writer…

But what happens if the writer becomes the writing? I’m not talking about when writers go out and research for their craft. That’s totally normal on any scale. I won’t deny that sometimes I totally do or say certain things in order to make sense of what I’m subjecting my poor characters through. It’s like method acting, but then I write down the experiences. But in the case I will describe below, IT JUST HAPPENED AND I DIDN’T MEAN FOR IT TO. (Or did I? I don’t think so.)

I am writing about a girl who is in a time trap, and somehow I have found myself in my own time trap. A time trap in which I am writing about a girl in a time trap. How completely INCEPTION-esque is that? (I know what the word ‘inception’ really means, but whatever – thanks to Chris Nolan, my usage of the word in this case is totally legit.) Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to get her out of the time trap. I have drafts of different scenarios and solutions, but I’m not totally sure which one is THE one.

And until I figure out how to get her out of her time trap, then I can finally get out of my own. Sigh.

I think “you are what you write” would be a more appropriate lesson to apply here.

PS. Hello, new blog 🙂


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